Nemakonku is a rural community on the edge of Serrakunda, which is the second largest city in The Gambia. Most inhabitants derive their income from farming and are extremely poor. There are state funded schools in the area and a few nursery schools which have been set up to feed the state schools. Nursery school places available in this community are woefully inadequate for the population and this area has little or no access to tourists so the schools are under developed as a result.

This school is run single handed by a 20 year old lady with a vision to provide the local children with an education. She has worked tirelessly and unpaid to make this happen. The school is currently operating from rented premises and the parents of the 40 pupils have been contributing to make sure the rent is paid which has not always happened.

There are 40 pupils, 11 home made desks, 30 chairs and 2 rooms. Only one room is in use as the other is derelict. Both Nursery 1 and 2 operate from the same room which although is usable has no windows, doors or proper floor. and a leaky roof. There are no blackboards or educational materials to speak of . The children start school at 8 am prompt and finish at 1.00 pm, they proudly wear home made uniforms. There are approximately equal numbers of boys and girls.

The school was founded in June 2011 and is not yet registered with the ministry of Education as it is deemed to be operating from a residential area. We will work with the Gambian Department of Education to ensure this school achieves its registered status as soon as possible.

Our Help

We are currently in discussion with the teacher, the village committee and chief to bring together a working partnership. They are already actively looking for a plot of land to donate to the charity so that we can build a school to operate on their behalf. This will be in line with out normal operating model.

As an interim measure we are working to secure an agreement with the landlord to refurbish the premises so we can operate the school without any upheaval while we find a suitable site and funding for the new school.

The short term work on the existing building involves a complete refurbishment ( new floors, new windows, doors and a new roof.)

Additionally we will provide an additional teacher and pay both staff  a living wage so they can continue their good work. Alongside this we will replace the old poor quality school furniture and provide new blackboards, desks and chairs to both classrooms. These can obviously be reused on the new site.  By doing this we can also increase the school capacity from 40 to 50

As soon as we provide all pupils and staff with mosquito nets.

All our teachers need support in their personal development. We will provide funding to have them trained when the time is right.