We are actively seeking schools in The Gambia who we can support.

A high proportion of Gambian children are from extremely poor families. In the EU we consider uniforms, pens, pencils, paper and stationary as essentials. Here they simply cannot afford to buy the basics, so more specialist nursery educational material is totally out of reach of the average Gambian. If we can provide these items this means that the families will have peace of mind knowing that their children will be getting a good solid education they ordinarily couldn’t afford. More importantly as nursery education is not provided by the Gambian government our pupils have a head start when they join the state education system so hopefully this will assist in their higher education and career options in later years.

Another charity had the heartbreaking news that they had a pupil death caused by malaria which is sadly all too common a story in Africa. To protect our pupils from malaria we always ensure that we provide a mosquito net if they require one. This forms part of the modest “joiners pack” which ensures new pupils have the basics they need to get full benefit from the school place they have been offered.