In 2008 we formed a relationship with The Knights Templar School in Baldock, Hertfordshire who supported us in raising funds for projects at our first school in Juffureh.

The whole school was involved in the fundraising and they have a week whereby their whole focus in on this type of activities.

Initially our contact was Mr Pickering who was really taken by our charity and wanted to do whatever was possible to help. Mr Nick White was assigned the task of running the project and liaising with his school team.
Mr White and his team made this a very pleasurable experience for us and one we will always remember and a close bond was formed with the school. The total amount of £1910.04 was presented to Mark Mardlin, our charity Secretary and a feature was put in the local newspaper documenting the success of the collaboration between the 2 schools.

Mr White who is also head of year in the technology department had his pupils make a wooden plaque which had the Roots Nursery School logo engraved and wording about the 2 schools association. Mark presented the plaque to the staff of the Roots Nursery School in Juffureh on his visit in November 2008.

Knights Templar Plaque
Mark has since revisited the school to attend a careers day on the invitation of Mr White. The careers day consists of a group of visitors attending school and speaking to pupils about their career choices and why it has been beneficial for them. This was an interesting day for Mark especially as it was good to catch up with Mr White and his team again and also drink their tea and eat their biscuits.

In July 2011 The Knights Templar School played host to the visiting Headmaster and Assistant from the Roots Nursery School in Juffureh. They attended school for a whole day and sat in with their counterpart teachers to find out first hand just how school life is in the UK. This was a great opportunity for all concerned as the Knight Templar School team and pupils could finally meet the people they had heard so much about and had fund raised for and the Gambian teachers could also say a personal thank you for the assistance of the Knights Templar School.