As far back as 2008 we developed a relationship with the Leys Primary School.  One the Governors of the school arranged for Mark Mardlin, our secretary, to visit the school to discuss support with Mrs Cheryl Salmon, the Head teacher at the time. He was invited to give a talk to the pupils and staff. This was the beginning of a long, fruitful collaboration between the schools. Mark found that one of the teachers in the school had been his teacher at infant school in Stevenage.It really made his day.
The Leys have always been a strong supporter of our cause and have also involved us in their many and varied fundraising events. One fundraising event consisted of the pupils doing a 6km walk around the school playground, the same distance as walked to and from school by the pupils of our previous school in Juffureh, whilst anotherLeys Sainsburys was a talent show in the St Nicholas area of Stevenage. There was also another event which was based around the Lion King and choreographed by the Leys resident dance teacher and later performed for the public in the front entrance of Sainsburys at Coreys Mill in Stevenage.
In 2011 Mrs Salmon received funding for a school exchange scheme under the auspices of The British Schools council. This enabled the 2 teachers from Juffureh to travel to the UK and spend time in The Leys School and take back their newly learned skills to their own school. They were in the UK from 5th – 19th of July 2011 and were also invited to spend time in other schools while they were here.Teacher exchange Mrs Salmon and her family even accommodated the teachers at home taking them to school every day. At weekends the charity accommodated them. They also  were busy sight seeing. While here the teachers also gave a talk in Hitchin with the charity personnel and meet with supporters old and new.
Mrs Salmon, although having taken early retirement from headship at the Leys continues to take an active interest in our charity and is a valuable of advice for us.